Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's 2nd Scary Asthma Attack

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nathan's 2nd Scary Asthma Attack

I was at work today, and my Mom called me and said that she had just gotten Nathan home from school at he was breathing with a lot of effort, and felt nauseous. I told her to give him 2 puffs of his Albuterol inhaler, and I just thought he would be fine so I hung up the phone with her.

Then, a half hour later my Mom calls me again and she is in panic mode. She tells me to call the doctor, that Nathan is not doing so well. I call his doctor and they are at lunch, so noone is picking up. I call Mom back and she is panicking even more and thinks Nathan needs to be seen ASAP. Mom and I agree for her to call 911, because Nathan's asthma can really get to be scary sometimes and he was crying and really struggling to breath at this point.

I leave work to rush to my Mom's, and once I get to her house the ambulance is there and they are giving him a neubulizer treatment in her living room. Thank God, because the treatment really helped Nathan and his oxygen level was to 98% and they did not need to take him to the ER by ambulance like last time. I called Nathan's doctor and got him in for an appointment as soon as they left. Nathan's doctor told us to give Nathan 4 puffs instead of 2 of the albuterol next time and to repeat it within 15 minutes if it doesn't help. If it doesn't help at that point, call 911 again. He did not suggest a neubulizer (breathing treatment) machine at this point, but I wish he would have... I think if this happens again, I am going to be really persistent about getting one. Anything for a peace of mind! He also put Nathan on prednisolone, a liquid medicine that is really supposed to help in combination with the inhaler.

Of course, I tried to get the prednisolone after the appointment, but Walgreens hadn't gotten the call in for it yet. I decided to take Nathan back to my Mom's so I could return to work and would get the prednisolone after work. Of course, after work they realized it was at a DIFFERENT Walgreens, so I decided to take the kids to Steak N Shake while we waited for them to get it ready so I wouldn't have to drive to the other store. Nathan didn't eat any of his meal, even though he asked for a hot dog. Well, we head back to Walgreens and in the drive through line to get his medicine, he throws up! UGH! The poor boy! I decide to stay in line to get his medicine because he really needs it and he didn't throw up too much.

I get home and both kids are asleep. I put Autumn in bed, I undress, wipe him clean and throw him in bed. I get his medicine to give to him and put in a call to the doctor while he falls asleep and I clean up the puking mess. The doctor really helped calm me down, because I was just so scared. She told me that the prednisolone would really help calm the asthma down, and that he shouldn't need the inhaler as often once it kicks in. She told me to wake him up after 6 hours for a breathing treatment to make sure he doesn't wake up in a bad condition. I am going to check on him every 3 hours because I am a paranoid and worried Mama! I am even contemplating sleeping in his room on the floor, because.. I worry about my baby.

Nathan is going to miss school tomorrow and he can't play his last soccer game on Saturday. Poor baby. I hope he gets better soon. I hope we get this asthma thing figured out so that we can help him before needing to call 911 in the future. Off to bed.
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