Curly Crafty Mom: Not quite done with Halloween. Weekend after Halloween pumpkin carving!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Not quite done with Halloween. Weekend after Halloween pumpkin carving!

The week before Halloween was so busy, that we did not even get a chance to carve our pumpkin! I thought today would be a great time to carve it since we could take our time and really enjoy it. Better late then never, right? Here is Nathan pulling the top off...

Autumn dug right into the pumpkin with her bare hands, Nathan had to find the largest spoon in the kitchen to use so he didn't get too 'messy'.

Autumn picking some pumpkin juices off her hand. Haha!

Nathan with the kiddie sized scooper... which was his FAVORITE part!

Warning, horrible picture... Nathan took it. ;) But, here is me with a MOMMY sized scooper! Wow, this was the bomb! You just hook it up to your drill and it shaves the loose guts of the pumpkin all out just like that!

Autumn helping me by decorating the pumpkin all over with a pin (niiiiceee) while I was trying to carve it.

Nathan with our pumpkin. I will admit, I am SO not a pumpkin carver... I just cannot do it. I don't have the patience nor do I have the steady hands... I am surprised the pumpkin turned out this good, because I chipped its tooth off in the very beginning parts of carving it. (It has a little nub for a tooth on the bottom now.)

Kids with our pumpkin all a glow!

This is a neat picture how it is reflecting off the table.

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