Curly Crafty Mom: Tea Party Fondant Cake Trial Run

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tea Party Fondant Cake Trial Run

Last weekend and this entire week is get ready for Autumn's tea party week. So much to do for this little girl's special day. I decided to use a marshmallow fondant recipe from for her cake, which is supposed to taste a lot better than regular fondant. Fondant is SO fun to make, I basically nuked an entire bag of marshmallows and rolled it into powdered sugar for 10 minutes. There are a couple of other ingredients such as vanilla and water. After it had the consistancy of playdough I wrapped it in saran wrap and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight.

Meanwhile, I baked a regular cake with my two 9" cake pans, and frosted it with just regular frosting from the store... remember, this is a test cake, so I didn't bother with homemade frosting. The actual cake on Autumn's birthday with have a 12" bottom and the 'table' part of it will be 8". Also, I am going to do a really short square white tablecloth over the pink tablecloth.

One thing I know is to level a cake before adding the top cake to the bottom cake. What I didn't do on this cake was level the very top layer. Therefore, the table is not flat. Boo! I will definitely do that for the cake I make for her birthday.

Also, I am going to write her name on the 10" side of the cake and do flowers around the base. I went to Hobby Lobby and got some piping bags and tips.

Can't wait! The tea set is just a small ceramic tea set I bought at Hobby Lobby. However, the pink Happy Birthday cake is from my childhood tea set, which is so special. She is just going to LOVE this cake!
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