Curly Crafty Mom: 2011 Year in Review

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year in Review

Here is my 2011 Year in Review:


- Kids and I started living in the house by ourselves
- My Mom bought a new dog, Annie (or however you spell it) that Autumn adores to this day
- We finally finished our Patty Cakes by painting them (2 years later!)

- Nathan went sledding for the first time in our front yard while Mommy shoveled the driveway, and cannot wait for a recap this year (not that I am in a rush for snow!)
- Made a snowman with Nathan, using sweet gum balls for the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons. Mommy has since bought a snowman kit from the dollar spot in Target so that we do not ever need to relay on sweet gum balls again.
- Nathan and those darn playdough trains
- Planned and volunteered at Nathan's Valentine's Day party at school

- Saw the Pixar Cars at Museum of Transport
- Interviewed Nathan and Autumn (I try to do this every year-- adding this to my Google Calendar as we speak so I do not forget to do it in 2012!)
- An old friend of my brother's came by with a basket of Lighthouse Beanie Baby Bears that the kids loved (I kept one for my curio cabinet). Such a sweet surprise!
- Professional Easter pictures
- Disney on Ice (first ice show the kids saw)
- Grandparents Day at Nathan's school
- Shrinky Dinks in the oven for the first time


- Took the kids to Turtle Playground for the first time
- Planned volunteered at Nathan's Easter party at school
- Nathan's Egg Hunt at School
- Nathan joined a T-ball team for the first time
- Nathan's first ambulance ride and ER visit

- Took the kids to the City Garden for the first time
- Enjoyed a week long staycation with the kids
- Went strawberry picking and made strawberry cake from scratch
- Planted sunflower seeds
- Started potty training Autumn this month
- Took kids to Science Center
- Nathan had a birthday party at our house and at the Museumm of Transportation
- Nathan turned 5!
- Mother's Day and art fair Laumier Sculpture park
- Started the KidsBowlFree summer bowling program with kids
- Nathan's last day of Preschool and picnic
- Nathan's first T-ball game
- SCARY funnel cloud by our house that several neighbors took pictures of while I was hiding downstairs in the bathroom with kids!!!

- Took kids to Arnold Park
- Read the Thunder Cake book to the kids, and baked it, too!
- Finished the first level to the Library Reading program
- Made a Summer To-Do list
- Nathan's 2nd year of Vacation Bible School
- Last T-Ball game

- Took kids to Farmer's Market at Tower Grove Park and CRAZY CRAZY FREAKY lightning bolt came down and tore off bark on a tree by a bench in the park. So scary!
- Janne sent me a super sweet package of clothes for Auttie
- Autumn got a BIG GIRL bed, Dora Style!
- First 5K of the year, Fleet Feet Rock N Roll 5K
- My friend Katie had baby Liam
- We made icecream in a bag
- Nathan's professional T-Ball picturse
- Autumn's first movie, Cars 2! (Nathan also came)
- Started summer swim classes
- Nathan's sunflower bloomed

- My brother turned 40
- Started doing more of the Lowes Buld and Grows with the kids, made a School Locker
- Took kids to Blessing of the Backpacks
- Bought two frogs, Henry and Mater
- First day of Kindergarten for Nathan
- Lowes Build and Grow, Schoolhouse picture frame
- Took the kids to the Zoo with my Mom
- Took the kids to the pool (Arnold Rec)
- I turned 34!
- Took the kids to Sandy Creek Covered Bridge (my Mom came too)
- Kids first game of mini golf
- Took kids to the Teacher's Lounge, made Pigs
- Nathan and Autumn got to go to Krispy Kreme for the first time for hot doughnuts, loved it
- Nathan finished Library Reading Program
- Made Sand and Shell Hands as a craft with the sand from Nathan and Autumn's first beach trips in Gulf Shores

- Made a Fall To Do list
- Toe Surgery for me
- Took the kids to Things that Go
- Family Reunion with my Mom's side. Nathan played in corn field with cousins.
- Nathan's first soccer practice
- Ran at Jefferson Barracks park for the first time
- Took kids apple picking for the first time at Eckerts
- Went on a Riverboat cruise

- Cardinals won the World Series
- Lowes Build and Grow, Firetruck
- Took kids to Thies Pumpkin Land and Patch
- Nathan had professional KIndergarten photo
- Nathan got his first Golden Foot Token for running laps at school
- I ran my second 10K race, same race the Go! St. Louis Halloween 10K Run. I dressed up as Sookie Stackhouse.
- Bought new bedding for my master bedroom
- Uncle Jeff and Tracy had a Halloween party
- Took kids to Boo at the Zoo for first time
- Took kids to PATs Halloween party
- Trunk or Treat at Nathan's school
- Halloween, Nathan was a red Angry Bird and Autumn was a baby owl

- Went hiking at Elephant Rocks State park
- Nathan has another scary asthma attack
- Nathan has his last soccer game
- Made a fondant tablecloth tea party themed cake for Autumn's birthday party
- Autumn turned 3!
- Took Nathan and Autumn to see Gardenland Express
- Celebrated Thanksgiving at Jeff and Tracy's

- Elfie came to visit!
- Made a gingerbread house with kids
- Lowes Buld and Grow, engine, coal car and caboose
- St. Nick's Day gifts were left for kids
- Made a Christmas card photo
- Volunteered at Santa's Kottage at Nathan's school
- Nathan had a Christmas Musical for School
- Had family over for a Christmas Eve lunch
- Christmas, Nathan's big gift was Razor scooter with light up wheels and electric slot cars, Autumn's was bitty twins with push wagon
- Binky fairy came, Autumn has weaned off her binky
- Started using my new Garmin more
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