Curly Crafty Mom: Almost.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I am hoping Friday goes well, my trial is scheduled in the morning. We have settled property, so Friday will be about custody and child support. I am ready to get past this in-between stage of my life and to move on to a better place. Bluntly, I am going to say that 2011 has been an awful-awful-awful year...

But! I was working on a Mondo Beyondo Year End Assessment that was sent out last week, and it asked what I was brave or had courage with this year. I had trouble answering that question, because I haven't felt brave or courageous this year. But, then I realized that courage is facing your fears. I faced them all this year.

Here is to 2012 being the BEST YEAR EVER. A year for new personal growth, rebuilding and happiness.
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