Curly Crafty Mom: Busy Day Before Our Christmas Eve Partay!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Busy Day Before Our Christmas Eve Partay!

I am hosting Christmas Eve lunch this year, so I KNEW I would be really busy today cleaning house, making side dishes, desserts, etc. So, Elfie visited our house THREE times today with plenty of distractions for the kids. First, he brought the kids new playdough and playdough cutters. The playdough cutters are actually a couple of years old, and Elfie brings them back with new playdough every year. I always keep all the little old shapes that harden from the previous years and I have him bring them back in a plastic bag. Its fun to add to our collection every year!

The kids played with the playdough for a long time, of course I had to help them open the lids or make some shapes. But, they really enjoyed it. But, after the play dough wore off... the kids got a little antsy! And, I was still working on sides for the party! Here is Nathan in his PJ's (yes, it was a TOTAL PJ's day!)

Autumn with my purse. That girl!!

Elfie decided the kids needed another fun activity, of course this one involved me... but, that is ok! He brought them supplies to make our cookise for Santa for tonight! Santa is actually coming tonight at our house, so the kids will be opening gifts tomorrow morning when they wake up.

Autumn fell in love with this...

A BABY sized gingerbread cookie cutter! Yes, we had Momma size, Nathan size, and Autumn size (because she's loves babies!).

Look at all of those babies... and that smile.

Here is Nathan with all of his gingerbreads



Nathan's cookies

Autumn's cookies


Cookies and Milk for Santa. They have different PJ's on because I gave them a bath before bed.

And, we always finish the night by reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. We have the Mary Engelbreit illustrated one. Of course, Autumn requested I read it twice. Now they are tucked into bed, waiting for Santa and a fun filled morning of opening gifts before our party with my family.
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