Curly Crafty Mom: Christmas Day

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

I didn't get the kids back from their Dad until 2pm today, and I was so glad once I had them back. I must say, going on Facebook in the morning and seeing everyone posting photos of their kids opening gifts made me very sad. :( But, such is life. I decided since the kids opened their presents yesterday, I would leave one gift for them to open today and their stockings. It seemed to go over really well, and was a great idea of mine, I must say. :o)- Here is Nathan with his stocking.

All the stuffings in his stocking. :) Can't wait to put the Angry Bird shirt on him tomorrow.

Autumn and her stocking

And, all of Autumn's goodies

Autumn's dress up doll

Finally a picture of Nathan with his scooter...

I had to include this picture. Yeah, yeah... Crazy boy with his tongue hanging out with flashing scooter wheels. I think he may just love this scooter.

Here is a picture of Autumn with her Bitty Twins. I am not sure how she can fit herself and her babies in her wagon, but she can!

And, here is Autumn by her house. A HUGE 5' cardboard house that GRANDMA bought and thought I had room for... I don't. But, it makes Autumn happy, so I think I can tolerate it. ha, ha! I should have taken a picture of all the stuff she put inside it, cough cushions, bandaids, dolls, her socks, etc. Pack rat! heheh.
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