Curly Crafty Mom: Elfie is back!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Elfie is back!

Much to Nathan's delight (Autumn still hasn't figured it all out), Elfie is back at our house! I plopped him next to my favorite December calendar from England this morning. I was getting ready in the master bathroom, and I heard an excited hoot and hollering coming from the family room. Somehow Nathan had snuck out of bed and I hadn't heard him, and he had found Elfie! He was so excited to find two Advent calendars, one for him and one for Auttie.

I have a shelf lamp with 3 shelves, and I thought how perfect!


Cute and cheap Advent calendars from Target for $3.00 each!

Kids this morning. Nathan is doing his 'cheese' smile but not even looking at me, and Autumn's considering popping out that darn binky for some chocolate. BTW, we are planning to get rid of that darn binky on January 1st!! Although, we are sort of down to just a few binkys in the house, so if we lose them all before then... tough cookie for Auttie! She'll just have to do without!

Wonder what Elfie has in store for tomorrow?
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