Curly Crafty Mom: Gingerbread House Fun

Friday, December 2, 2011

Gingerbread House Fun

The second day that Elfie arrived, he decided to bring the children a gingerbread house. Both of them were really excited, Autumn called it a 'Baby Doll House' and Nathan was wondering why we didn't get a gingerbread train like last year. However, he really enjoyed making the house tonight, and even said it was just as fun as the gingerbread train we did last year.

After dinner, I put the kids in their PJ's and I got all of the gingerbread supplies out for us.

The kids loved the candy that came with it. Wow, I really hope they photograph better together tomorrow when I work on our Christmas card. I am getting a little nervous. Ha, ha!

The trickiest part is putting the walls all together. The roof isn't as bad. What made this EXTRA difficult was the kids kept shaking or bumping into the table, Autumn kept clinging to me asking me to hold her, hold her. Ohhh, it was quite a challenge. But, I got them to stay!



Nathan decorated the gingerbread snowman while I worked on assembling the house.

Autumn started decorating the inside part of a roof side... I let her, because she enjoyed it. :o)-

After I got the roof on and set, I let Nathan decorate it.



Our beautiful gingerbread house! I think it turned out really good... especially since it did not fall apart! Yay!!! I put one kids name on each side.


Kids with the gingerbread house. Now, off to a weekend full of more Christmas festivities!
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