Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's Christmas Party at School

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nathan's Christmas Party at School

Today Nathan had his Christmas party at school, and he came home with sooo much loot. Luckily, he brought home Mommy a sweet Christmas present, too! Here he is all ready to give it to me. Doesn't he look so sweet and innocent here? Ha, ha! Must be Elfie's work!

Nathan is becoming quite useful, as he can actually point and shoot at the correct thing (as in ME!!) now. Added bonus? He even got Sissy in the shot! Ignore my tired looking self, I was up WAY too late wrapping presents last night. Here I am opening the bag...

Isn't this the cutest gift EVER? Oh, I lovelovelove it! But, then... Autumn noticed it was (and read her lips in the photo) babyDOLL. I got to hold it for a few seconds at least. Wow, I look even more pathetically tired in this photo.

Of course, I had to take a million pictures of my gift. I do treasure my sweet gifts from my kids. There was a card stapled to the outside that Nathan had crafted.

Last year, he never could have written me this special, special little note.

Yes, yes... I had to take a photo of the bag he colored brown.

I was so delighted when I pulled out this little angel. Nathan told me to smile before he took my picture with the angel, he said say "Gods Angels" instead of say "Cheese". So precious.

The head of the angel is an ornament. SO CUTE!

Mrs. Miller was so kind as to have Nathan make TWO of God's angels. He made one for Dad, too! Here is the card/bag that Nathan made for Dad.

Dad's boy angel. A blue one! Ha! I have to say, this is my favorite thing he has made in school yet!

Nathan also had a gift exchange at school (just 5 bucks). This is what he won.

He also made some SNOWBALL glycerin soap. Nathan has already put it in his bathroom.


Nathan's teacher made him this glitter ornament.



Gifts from other teachers to Nathan. Don't even ask me how many Hershey Kisses my Mom let Nathan eat at her house ;o)-



Some crafts Nathan did...

And. Last. Here is the pom pom Christmas tree dice game I made for the class. I made 10 of these, since there are 19 kids in the class so 2 could play one tree.
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