Curly Crafty Mom: Oakland House, 3rd Year

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oakland House, 3rd Year

I wasn't going to take the kids to the Oakland House this year, but Nathan wanted to go... It is super close to our church, so we all headed in the car to go, even with Grandma along! We always seem to get there right after they start a puppet show, so we have to wait our turn... and it seems I always land up getting the kids picture each year on the steps as we wait.

And, every year I always have to tell them not to go alllll the way up the stairs. Ha, ha!

Such cutiepies.

First, the kids were read a story with beautiful painted pictures

Autumn just adored the puppet show this year, much more then last year. She just got a lot more out of it. Nathan still really enjoyed it. I had more fun watching their faces and reactions then the puppet show itself!

Ahh, then the picture with Santa. Autumn was so scared of Santa that she kept hiding her face inbetween my legs. So, of course, I had to get in the photo with them. Why does this always happen the morning I don't do my hair?! Ha! Isn't this photo so funny? Nathan ALWAYS does a deer in headlights face and Autumn's look she is giving Santa! Ha!!!!

And, Nathan's favorite part. Visiting Mrs. Claus's kitchen and getting a homemade cookie. Of course, look at where Nathan is looking in the photo. No, not at Mrs. Claus... but, at the BIG basket piled high with cookies! Yeah, that is Nathan!

Autumn enjoying her cookie.
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