Curly Crafty Mom: Santa's Kottage

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa's Kottage

This year I decided to sign up on the PATS (Parents and Teachers) committee, and one of the activities that I was the most excited to help volunteer at was Santa's Kottage. I am not sure how popular this is at other schools, but an envelope is sent home and you determine a set amount of money for a gift for each family member on the card. The gifts are between $1-$10, most people would spend $1-5 per gift. Whatever money the child doesn't spend, they take back home.

When I volunteered, we helped the Kindergartners (Nathan's class), Preschool 3 and 4 and the big 7th graders. I was lucky enough to be able to help Nathan pick out all of his gifts, except I did leave the room when he selected my gift. ;o)- Nathan INSISTED I open it when I got home from work, so... I did. Ha, ha!

Nathan got me 3 snowmen ornaments. Awww! He also got these for my Mom! It was funny, while I was volunteering, I helped a girl in Nathan's class pick out a gift for her Mom who was also volunteering and had to leave the room while we selected it. She grabbed one of these snowmen ornaments, by itself, but not the entire box of 3. Well, when we had finished up with the 7th graders, one of the teachers helping out said oh shoot someone grabbed just one of the snowmen that we had out on display, but not a box of 3. I thought instantly, oh no, that was me! When she had grabbed it, it was early in the day and I hadn't realized it came as a three pack. Well, I had to sneakingly go back down to the Kindergarten room and swap out the one ornament for a box of 3! LOL! Nathan's teacher asked me what I was doing getting into E's gifts for her family and I had to explain. Ha, ha! Luckily, her Mom did not catch on and the trade out was done successfully.
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