Curly Crafty Mom: Carrie's 2012 Running Agenda

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Carrie's 2012 Running Agenda

In 2010 I ran 500.94 miles, completed two 5K's and one 10K.

In 2011 I ran 241.83 miles, completed one 5K and one 10K.

2011 was a difficult year, and as a result I did not get in the full 500 miles that I had wanted to run. Do I have regrets? A little. But, I did the best I could, given I suffered a horrible custody battle and also had surgery on my toe.

2012 I hope to be the best running year yet for me!

I am planning to run my FIRST 1/2 marathon this year, a WARRIOR DASH (last year was on my list but the toe surgery prevented me), some REPEAT races and a DISNEY RACE!!

These are the races I am planning to run in this year:

Truffle Shuffle - 4 miles, February 18th

St. Louis Go! - Half Marathon, April 15

Tracks at the Zoo - 5K, May ? (Hoping Nathan can run in this too, for the kiddie race)

Missouri Warrior Dash - 5K, September 29

Go! Halloween Run - 10K, October ? OR the Flat 10K in Chesterfield

Disney Wine and Dine - Half Marathon, November 10

A total of 6 races!

January 24th I start half marathon training for the April race.

I also plan to do A LOT of outdoor running (especially once the weather gets nicer) with my Garmin this year. Can't wait!
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