Curly Crafty Mom: Jinx Lesson Learned.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jinx Lesson Learned.

Sunday night, I thought to myself... I haven't taken a bath in AGES. I want to take a bath and use my Dorothy bubble bar from Lush. Its not good to let Lush lay around...

Well, Autumn has dropped her naps. If she sneaks a nap in, its usually only in the car and usually after 5 pm. Late nap = Autumn awake till 9:30 pm or after. NOT GOOD. I got the kids back around 7 pm on Sunday, and my sweet little Autumn was up till, yes, 9:30 pm! I am guessing she had a nice nap. So, between 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm I helped her get a snack, refill her ice water, wipe her hiney (too funny, spell check came on for this word) twice (for some reason she always leaves #2 for when she gets back home) and help her assort her dolls in just the right order in her bed. Oh, and she came out one time for a hug, which how can you resist? Did I get a bath? Nope! But, such is life as a Mommy.

So, I thought to myself. Oh, I'll just take that nice bubble bath on Monday night!


On the drive home from getting the kids from my Mom's, Autumn told me her tummy hurt. Those are NEVER good words to hear, especially not in the car. (Future reference: I need to keep a puke bucket in my car for these special emergencies.) I already knew Nathan's throat was sore. I got dinner ready and Nathan ate great, but Autumn threw up a little at the table. It wasn't bad, but she just wouldn't eat. I gave them a nice bath, dressed for bed and in bed around 8 pm. At 8:30 pm, I heard crying in Autumn's room. Utoh.

Autumn's bed was covered in you know what. The pillow, Autumn, several of Autumn's baby dolls, her sheets... ohhhh. This sucks.

Autumn seemed to be feeling quite better actually, after this second round... So, back into a nice warm bath she went while I scraped all the ick into the trash, threw her sheets and pillow into HOT water in the washer. Two dolls I am sad to say were covered, and they were worn out things anyway so off to the trashcan they went. (She'll never know!) And, THANK GOODNESS Bitty Baby and the Bitty Twins were SPARED.

I lysoled her room, put new sheets on, got her dressed and she told me she was hungry. She had a bowl of cereal and some pretzels, brushed her teeth and back in bed.

I slept wonderfully until at 4:30 am I heard. "Moooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don't feel good!" Nathan this time.

101 fever. Tylenol. Back in bed? Nope. He was up. By breakfast his fever broke, but he is enjoying a fun free day from school at Grandma's today. He has a little cough.

My lesson I learned from all this? I'm not planning a bath tonight. I don't want to JINX myself again.
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