Curly Crafty Mom: Lowes Build and Grow - T-Rex

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lowes Build and Grow - T-Rex

Saturday was a pretty busy day, with Lowes Build and Grow, lunch, running to three places for errands and then our photo booth at home. Nathan just really enjoys the Lowes Build and Grow. I am SO behind on sewing his patches on his smock. I feel bad! I havn't even sewn the train patches on yet. Here are the two kids with their T-Rexes. Autumn is so silly, she is really excited and involved in making each of her Lowes projects, but then as soon as its done, she's like Pheh!. She could care less about it! She doesn't want to carry it out, hold it in the car or even have it in her room when we get home. But, she loves it while she is working on it. She is such a silly girl.

T-Rex. Aren't their arms a little scary looking? Ha!

The patch. With a bite out of it. Very cool.
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