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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Superhero Photo Class

I decided since I would have so much more free time after my divorce trial, I would sign up for the Superhero photo class. Did you know that attorneys give you homework when you are going through your divorce process? LOTS of homework. Really, I am not kidding, they actually call it homework! So glad I am done with THAT and I can now do FUN homework such as taking fun photos!

The reason I decided on the Superhero photo class is because one of the lady's from my Mondo Beyondo/Dream Lab classes teaches it. Andrea Scher sets up a Flickr group, and we get assignments and post our photos to the public Flickr group so that we can review each others photos. I really love looking at other peoples photos in the class, and I really love it when people comment on MY photos. I especially feel good when Andrea herself comments on one of my photos (she has twice now!), it just makes me smile so big! (Sorry, I'll turn off my dork mode now)

I am excited about this class... why? Because, apart from Art History, my Photography classes in college were some of my FAVORITE classes with so many good memories. I have never taken a digital or color photo class and the class is also online. Very different, but I would love to learn a little bit about taking better photos for my blog. I also want to learn to use my Canon Rebel, even though this is not a tech-savvy class by any means.

On that note... I wanted to share some photos from this week that I took and I am sort of proud of... :o)-

Treasure Hunt - Someone I Love

Treasure Hunt - Riot of Color

Treasure Hunt - Mess

Treasure Hunt - Popsicle

We also had an assignment earlier in the week where we had to take photos at different persepectives, different depths, such as laying down or looking up... while spinning or not looking through the view finder. Here are my photos from that assignment:
Get It Get It
Autumn reaching for a balloon, and Nathan trying to reach for the string as well as he misses and falls to the ground

Crazy Mommy and Crazy Girl
Us girls being silly

On Your Mark Get Set Go
The kids getting ready to race on their roller horses down the hall

Help Mommy Up
The kids trying to pull me up from the floor

I still have one more photo assignment to wrap up for this week, but it is an outside one so it will need to wait until the weekend. We have to take photos during the 'Magic Hour' which is the hour before sunset. Can't wait! Stay tuned for more photos and updates from my Superhero photo class.
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