Curly Crafty Mom: Brunch at Top of the Riverfront at Millennium Hotel

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Brunch at Top of the Riverfront at Millennium Hotel

On Sunday morning, I had a real treat... I finally got to go to brunch at the Top of the Riverfront! It is a revolving restaurant in downtown St. Louis that gives you views of the Arch, Old Cathedral, riverfront and Busch Stadium. Here is a picture of the hotel from the parking garage. The restaurant is at the top where you see the big picture windows.

I had my camera along, in hopes to take some self portraits for my Superhero class. Of course, this picture is probably the best one taken of me, and I did not take it! Kind of a neat perspective though!

Then there is this one I took of myself in the elevator... total FAIL! But, I think it is cute how you can see Brian smiling at me in the glass. Ha!

The brunch was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Everything you would want to eat, was there. Yum!

Even better than the food, was the VIEW. When we sat down at our table, THIS is what we saw!

Of course, the silly girl that I am had to take a picture of the revolving floor... yes, we were moving the entire time... and, yes, yes you could feel it.

We even saw the TUMS building.

Yes, yes. Excellent food, excellent view. But, did I mention the free mimosas?

A good time was had. And, one last view. Busch Stadium!

After brunch, I somehow found it in me to run 7 miles on Grants Trail... yes, good food is a wonderful thing, but half marathon training is in full gear! Don't feel too bad for me, I vegged on the couch after my run and read The Help for several hours, in total peace and quiet. I may have snoozed here in there in between pages. Ah. :)
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