Curly Crafty Mom: National Pancake Month Celebration

Friday, February 3, 2012

National Pancake Month Celebration

The library by our house has a Family Night once a month, which I have only taken Nathan to one time. I saw on their website they were celebrating National Pancake Month (February) with games and a snack. How can we miss out on pancakes, I thought?! The games were really cute. Here is Autumn trying to flip an imaginary pancake in a pan.

Nathan balancing an egg on a wooden spoon. He did really good, Mr. Serious!

Just another pancake game - who knew there could be SO many?

Then, the best part of the evening... the snack! Which, why did I feed the kids dinner before this? Pancakes from a local restaurant, Ginghams. A fruit cup and Capri Sun! Yum! Now, if only I could have gotten a good shot of the kids... but, that is hard these days... the only other shot I had taken, Autumn had her mouth open and filled to the rim with pancakes. Be glad I left that one out. :) They had so many pancakes leftover, they let us take some home even! Sweet!
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