Curly Crafty Mom: One more Valentine's Day post. Nathan's class party.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

One more Valentine's Day post. Nathan's class party.

Last year I was the Room Mother in charge of all of the class parties for preschool 4, however, this is the first party I have helped at since Nathan has been in Kindergarten. Here is Nathan with his punch, thank goodness he didn't spill it! Ha!

Another Mom brought a cute project where the kids cut out shapes, glued them together and made a mouse with the lolly pop stick being the tail.

Here is the mouse. I brought a game for the kids to play that I had found on Pinterest. It was a really simple game that only cost me $3, because the only supplies needed were straws, q-tips and I got a 2-pack of plastic heart containers. The kids took their straws and would blow the q-tips out into the heart container. I had the class split up into two teams, and whichever team got the most q-tips in their heart container won. The q-tips were the arrows, the straw the bow and the heart containers were the heart, of course! It was really cute, I wish I could have gotten some pictures but with 20 kids it was really busy! (Plus, Mrs. M was at a conference, so the teacher was a SUB! You know how kids are around their SUBS! ha ha!). Anyway, the reason I mention the game is because all of the kids kept their straws and put them on their mouse's tail to make the tail longer. So cute!


I don't know why, but I always like to take pictures of the loot. Nathan's airplane Valentine's were a HUGE hit with the other kids. Mrs. M had us bring in a cereal box for the kids, but it looked like they ran out of time because they weren't decorated. Oh well!

I had forgotten I sent Nathan's a Valentine's Gram until I was looking through his loot. Awh!

The best Valentine (in my opinion) was from one of his teacher aid's. Free McDonalds food! Yum!

Mrs. M had the kids write Valentine's to each other during the school day. Nathan had quite a few of them in his box. These are so sweet, sentimental and original. I love them!




These are just a sampling of some of the cards from Nathan's classmates. So touching!
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