Curly Crafty Mom: Seeds

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Nathan has a little garden growing over at his Grandma's house, so of course when he saw allll the seed packets while we were at Lowes today, he wanted to buy some. How could I say no? So, on this WARM February afternoon, we planted some seeds!

Cucumbers, carrots, green beans, black beans, sunflowers, forget me not and daisies. I think that was all of them... oh wait, no, the seeds Nathan was must excited about were the CACTUS seeds.

First, I had the kids shovel the dirt into the starter kit (yes, her light pink coat went straight into the wash after this!)

Then, we planted

Here are the cute little cactus seeds, looks like we will have two different kinds!

Gosh, she is a cutie

Autumn also had fun making a mess of sand around her sand box

Popsicle markers

Nathan is SO proud of his garden. We had a nice little discussion of where to put the seed pods once we got them inside. He wanted to put them in his room, but there isn't a lot of sunlight on that side of the house. So, right now they are on the side of the kitchen table that is closest to the window. I really need to find a better spot, but for now, that is where they are! Hope they grow...

Now... watch them grow just fine and dandy in this starter kit, but once I transplant them into the outdoor garden they'll die die die. We'll see!!! (Except the sunflowers, how can anyone kill those?!)
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