Curly Crafty Mom: Valentine's Day Gifts

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts

I don't really keep a lot of sugar around at my house... and, I knew Nathan would be bringing a lot of it home from school after his Valentine's party. Sooo, I got the kids non-sugary gifts for Valentine's Day. Nathan has been wanting a Cuckoo clock lately, and I looked at them on Amazon and I was able to get one fairly cheap (no, its not wooden) yet it had amazing reviews. Here he is with the box.

I have to say, what a great learning gift for a 5 year old. Basically, its a clock. So, he is learning about how to read a standard clock, what the different hands mean. And, on every hour it chirps, so he is learning about what time we eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. And, its so cute to see him stop from doing whatever he is doing to run to it every time it goes off every hour! But, don't worry... it has a light sensor and does not go off at night. And, Nathan carries it back and forth from my house to Grandma's every day, so we have learned it doesn't work on overcast days, either! Too dark in the car! This is just the neatest little clock though for him to learn time with. I think EVERY 5 year old should have one!

And, what did I get Autumn? Lalaloopsie! It is so cute to hear her say that word, but she says it!

AND, I we made our annual Valentine Funfetti cupcakes. Too bad the heart shaped Pinterest tip didn't work. You know why? I overfilled them! I made 18 not 24 and the cupcakes rose over the marble indent. Geesh.

They were still yummy for my tummy though.
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