Curly Crafty Mom: Where's Yoda?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where's Yoda?

Autumn loves her Loving Family babies. Nathan loves his Star Wars action figures. For a few days Nathan noticed Yoda was missing, but he still had his little brown shirt. Just no Yoda. Well, when the kids were over at their Dad's for the weekend, I did some major cleaning and I found Yoda in Autumn's Loving Family dollhouse. Yep, nekked. Autumn loves to strip her babies down, most of the time. So, she must have seen Yoda with all of Nathan's action figures, and thought... hmmm, he is small. He must be a baby. Oh, darn, let me get that shirt off of him, he will look even more like a baby. And, in the feeding table Yoda went!

Since then, Yoda has also been classified as a 'boy' baby, being found in the boy baby doll crib. Poor Yoda!
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