Curly Crafty Mom: March 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012 Spring Photos with Live Bunnies :)

I took the kids to Ravetta Photography on Hampton and did their Spring photos while Nathan was on Spring Break. They turned out SO well, I am so excited. I tried this place when Nathan was a baby and they had a lamb, and he was SO scared of the lamb. They had bunnies this year, and I knew the kids would do so well with them that I decided to try it again. So glad I did. I am sort of sad looking at these photos compared to their Easter photos last year, WOW, my kids are really growing up and FAST. They are getting so BIG! Can someone please slow down time?!




March Wrap Up Post

March has REALLY felt like a long month... Not sure why, maybe because things are slowly starting to get back to normal around here?

In March:

1. I signed Nathan up for 1st grade in the Fall

2. I signed Autumn up for PRESCHOOL for three half days! She has seemed SO grown up lately!

3. Autumn isn't as interested in her little potty, and is using the big potty without ANY extra "helper" seat.

4. Read Divergent (LOVED!) and All Together Dead (Sookie #7)

5. Almost 2 weeks away from my FIRST half-marathon. Ran 69.05 miles this month, which is the most I have ran in one month this year (February I ran 57 miles, and in January I ran 36.51 miles).

6. Misc. Kid stuff: Nathan was busy with a lot of Spirit Week activities at school, took the kids to the MoBot Orchid show, had our first scavenger hunt (Leprechaun style!), celebrated Spring Break with LIVE Bunny Photos/Build a Bear/Zoo, did the kids yearly interviews, dyed eggs

7. Nathan started T-Ball for the second year in the row

8. I saw HUNGER GAMES and participated in my first ever Adult Easter Egg Hunt at Jefferson Barracks Park

9. Planning a trip to Trout Lodge YMCA with the kids, and Paris, France (can we say Mondo?) later this summer!

- -

And, my resolutions:

(1) Grow in my faith - Still reading my Once a Day Bible, I will admit sometimes I will fall 3-4 days behind, but it is not hard to get caught up. In May I will meet Joey, who is a confirmation student at my church that I signed up to pray for daily, and have been for almost 2 years. I haven't been as good about reading the bible to the kids this month, but we are doing a 12 Days Before Christmas activity (will have a blog post on this) where we read a bible verse and open an egg each day leading up to Easter.

(2) Friendships - No friends activities in March. Except, in April I am getting together with two old friends to do painted pottery, and a few of us at work are talking about doing a movie/dinner night every couple of months.

(3) Risks - March has been a pretty mellow month, but I would say I have been out of my comfort zone a few times this month and handled it better then I would have in the past. I know planning this trip to France is definitely out of my comfort zone. I hate to fly, but I know it'll be worth it. I'm also so afraid to be away from the kids, and how many miles will be inbetween us.

(4) Quality time with my kids - March has been a good month for this, maybe because of the Spring weather/longer daylight. I took a couple of days off with the kids for Nathan's Spring Break and we had a wonderful time. Trying to let them have A LOT of outside time.

(5) Time to myself each week that isn't BUSY time. Recharge time. - I need to still work on this...

(6) Pursuing my interests: I will give myself a PAT on the back for these:
Training for a half marathon, reading, planning a trip to Paris, France -- can't wait to see the Louvre!

(7) Meals - FAIL! Hope to be better in April. I really need to start a meal plan schedule. I know that would help A LOT.

(8) Mornings. I hate mornings. Try to be better about getting up on time. - FAIL. FAIL. FAIL!

(9) Finish my accumulating to-do list (its another blog!). - This month I didn't get a lot done off of that list except I did go through ALL of the kids clothes and I took out what they had outgrown and replenished it with bigger sizes. In April I really hope to finish organizing the kids closets, my closet AND I hope to clean the siding on the front of the house.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nathan and Autumn Interviews

I have interviewed the kids the same questions for the last three years, and it has been really neat to look back to see how they answered them then and how they answer them now.

2010: Nathan Interview
2011: Nathan and Autumn Interview

This years interview was the best yet for Autumn, but I would ask Nathan a question and sometimes she would repeat what Nathan said... ahh, the second child. So, I think next year I may just ask them the same questions on separate days so I know they are giving their true answers.

Here it is...

~What is something mommy always says to you?

Nathan 2010: That Spongebob Squarepants is silly.
Nathan 2011: You love me
Autumn 2011: I love you
Nathan 2012: I love you. Am I correct?
Autumn 2012: I love you

~ What makes mommy happy?

Nathan 2010: Driving her car
Nathan 2011: Us sucking on suckers and being good. And playing with our electric trains nice
Autumn 2011: THAT! And points to my computer.
Nathan 2012: Saying I love you.
Autumn 2012: Eating

~ What makes mommy sad?

Nathan 2010: When I run in the house
Nathan 2011: Us gone
Autumn 2011: THAT! And points to my computer. (Can we see a trend? LOL)
Nathan 2012: Saying I hate you.
Autumn 2012: When Mommy don't get to play

~ How does your mommy make you laugh?

Nathan 2010: By acting silly and making silly noises
Nathan 2011: Us tickling you.
Autumn 2011: She giggles
Nathan 2012: Tell a funny joke
Autumn 2012: Making funny faces

~ How old is your mommy?

Nathan 2010: 60
Nathan 2011: 31 (I'm 33)
Autumn 2011: Baby
Nathan 2012: 33
Autumn 2012: 35

~ How tall is your mommy?

Nathan 2010: Let me count. 1, 2, 3, 4. You are 4 tall.
Nathan 2011: Taller than a bulldozer!
Autumn 2011: Points up. HIGH
Nathan 2012: Goes to get his tape measure. Mom your 6' feet tall.
Autumn 2012: Reaches her hand up.

~ What is your mommy really good at?
Nathan 2010: Hanging up tools
Nathan 2011: Art, and putting my electric trains on
Autumn 2011: Eat!!!
Nathan 2012: Oh, that is probably the easiest question ever. Running!
Autumn 2012: Praying

~ What does your mommy do for her job?
Nathan 2010: Make money
Nathan 2011: Work on the computer and play Webkins. And count.
Autumn 2011: Bye, Bye!
Nathan 2012: Print stuff
Autumn 2012: Pray

~ What is your mommy's favorite food?

Nathan 2010: Brocolli
Nathan 2011: This is a hard question. Rock cereal.
Autumn 2011: EAT!!! Bye, bye!
Nathan 2012: Rock cereal. OH wait! I know! I have another answer! Tomatoes!

~ What makes mommy proud of you?

Nathan 2010: When I do crafts
Nathan 2011: Being really, really good
Autumn 2011: Didn't say anything
Nathan 2012: Eating really good
Autumn 2012: Playing

~ What do you and your mommy do together?
Nathan 2010: Hug
Nathan 2011: Play, buy something for me, go to the doctor (he went with me today)
Autumn 2011: Didn't say anything (I think she's bored with this)
Nathan 2012: Run races, snuggle up in bed together, praying together
Autumn 2012: Play

~ How do you know your mommy loves you?

Nathan 2010: Because you sweet to me
Nathan 2011: Because we are nice to you, and I am handsome (LOL)
Autumn 2011: Runs up to me and gives me a hug and says I love you! (Aww!)
Nathan 2012: Because you say nice things to me
Autumn 2012: Because you bought a dollhouse for me for my birthday

~ Where is your mommy's favorite place to go?
Nathan 2010: To work oh and to the museum
Nathan 2011: The grocery store, to see electric trains at the store
Autumn 2011: Holds both my hands and walks me in a circle
Nathan 2012: The park, the zoo
Autumn 2012: Play

Monday, March 26, 2012

Egg Dying Fun FuN FUN

Since it was such a BEAUTIFUL weekend, and because I think egg dying is best outside... we dyed eggs this weekend! Of course, everyone and their Mama has been Pinning the baked hard boiled eggs tip! Preheat oven to 325, put eggs in, bake for 30 minutes and then plop in ice water bath. Dry. Done, done, done. (I like to say things three times when I'm excited!)

Nathan was really quick with dying his eggs. Autumn was slower because she liked to paint them (yes, I have a little tiny paint brush for painting the eggs). Autumn was SO into dying the eggs this year, I did not even really need to help her. Wow, she is growing up!

Nathan getting ready to put an egg into some dye

Autumn LOVES this stamping/paint brush kit. Look at that cute smile on her face.


Such a pretty girl.

The kids with their finished eggs. I really think I need to give them more then 12 eggs each next time... I am thinking 18 a piece may be nice. It seems they ran out and still wanted to keep going, and we had a nice little fight over Autumn's last egg (Nathan wanted to dye it because he was finished with his but she still had one left she hadn't started on yet.) Ahhh, kids.

Nathan's finished eggs. The boy that actually loves to eat hard boiled eggs.

Autumn's eggs. The girl that hates to eat hard boiled eggs, but is having fun carrying them around in her purse and stashing them all over my house. Yeah, either Nathan or me will sit on one or smell a rotten one in time to come. Sigh.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

2012 Easter Bunny Picture - FIRST Year Autumn Didn't Cry!

I have decided the best time to go to see the Easter Bunny at the mall is right after church and Sunday school... the kids are already dressed up! And, an added bonus... Autumn did not have any tears this year. Brave, brave girl!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Last Day of Spring Break at the Zoo

Last night was the first night ALL week that Autumn slept through the night. I guess the ear drops and antibiotics really helped her little ear feel MUCH better. Actually, we ALL slept in until 7:30am. It was pure pleasure for me. It was quite rainy outside while we all ate breakfast, so I was thinking of taking them to the arch. However, it cleared up and plans to go to the Zoo sounded much more fun!

I am a planning nut, so of course I sort of planned out 2-3 things to do at the Zoo before we left the house. Why? Because the Zoo is HUGE, and after a few hours the kids get tired. So, I like to focus on seeing a few different things, and then there is no wandering around or all over the huge Zoo grounds trying to figure out what to do. There is a newish part of the Zoo called River's Edge where Elephants, Anteaters, Hippos, etc. live... its just a huge walking trail that you follow with beautiful waterfalls and creeks. Here we are following the elephant foot prints...

I LOVE this elephants freckles on his face. So beautiful.

Auttie loved the baby elephant, I think her name is Kenzie. So special that she was out for the kids to see. The anteater wasn't out, oh well!

Then the kids got to see the hippos, it is just amazing how buoyant and enormous these creatures are... Nathan is telling Autumn that the hippo is not a rock in this photo that I took.

Ha, ha. Self explanatory.

The kids are really getting so much easier to take out without the big bulky double stroller. Both are really good (well, the exception of Autumn at times) at staying close by me.

Then, against my will. I was taken into the insectarium. No pictures of bugs were taken, unless you count these beautiful butterflies as bugs.

It was SO easy to photograph the butterflies, they did not move when I came up to them with my camera. (Even with Autumn yelling BOO! at them.)

Next, we went on a train ride... and got off to see Big Cat Country, and then back on to finish the ride.

I love this photo of Autumn and me.

Isn't she getting BIG? We were going to hit the Children's Zoo, but a storm came up out of nowhere, so we headed home. I think they were getting a little tired anyway. What a fun day we had!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bunny and Darth Vader Kermit

I decided to take off the LAST two days of Nathan's Spring break. Unfortuantly, those are the two days with the not so nice weather AND, Autumn came down with a fever so I had to take her to the DR today for meds. We DID get a couple of things in today besides a nice long nap on the couch together under a big blanket. This rainy morning we went to Ravetta and did Easter photos with LIVE bunnies, which the kids LOVED. And, inbetween DR visit and waiting for horribly slow CVS to fill Autumn's prescriptions we went to Build a Bear. I haven't taken the kids in awhile but OHHHH did they LOVE. Here they are picking out their skins.

A really nice lady offered to take photos of me and the kids. Awhhh.

The lady asked Nathan if he wanted his stuffed animal soft, mediumish or hard. Of course he said soft. That is what I would have chosen. He loved hitting the pedal to fill it up with lots of soft cotton.

And, little Auttie of course knew EXACTLY what to do with the pedal when it was her turn.

Auttie putting her heart in her bunny

Bath time!

So, I didn't realize when I told the kids they were just getting one stuffed animal and a t-shirt that they would have THESE. Twinkle Toes for the animals! :O

Darnit Build a Bear, why must you have EVERYTHING? Yes, I bought the $9 pair of Twinkle Toes. Do they light up? Nopes!

Autumn loves her Bunny

Nathan dressing his Kermie

And... Nathan... he wanted Kermie to be DARTH VADER KERMIT.

On the computers

Daisy and Darth on a date

With their boxes

Of course when we got home, Autumn wanted to put her Twinkle Toes on. Then, I had to get a picture of her and her bunny's shoes. SO cute.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First T-Ball Practice



Nathan's first t-ball practice went really good! He was SO excited the entire time, had this huge smile! So glad I signed him up and he is enjoying it.


Little Auttie sure enjoyed watching BroBro's practice, too! I need to start thinking about what she will be getting into soon. I know I want to put both kids in swim classes this summer, and maybe a dance school for her in the Fall.

Pot of Gold Craft with the Kiddies

I love working on crafts with the kids, and try to make time to do one every so often at home. Since we were going to have some gold coin wrappers laying around after the scavenger hunt, I decided to let the kids create the Pot of Gold craft from Pinterest. We had a lot of fun. First, I let the kids put the paints in the same order of the colors of the rainbow. Nathan did really good.

Autumn needed a little help with hers, but Nathan helped her out.

Painting a rainbow handprint on Autumn's little hand. Autumn LOVED this part, Nathan... not so much. Autumn LOVES being messy, Nathan... not so much. But, he lived through it :o)- Autumn wanted to make more rainbows with her hand on extra sheets of paper, so we did.

Pretty rainbow handprints

Autumn and her two pieces of art

Both of them and their art

Closeup of Nathan's

Closeup of Aut's
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