Curly Crafty Mom: Bunny and Darth Vader Kermit

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bunny and Darth Vader Kermit

I decided to take off the LAST two days of Nathan's Spring break. Unfortuantly, those are the two days with the not so nice weather AND, Autumn came down with a fever so I had to take her to the DR today for meds. We DID get a couple of things in today besides a nice long nap on the couch together under a big blanket. This rainy morning we went to Ravetta and did Easter photos with LIVE bunnies, which the kids LOVED. And, inbetween DR visit and waiting for horribly slow CVS to fill Autumn's prescriptions we went to Build a Bear. I haven't taken the kids in awhile but OHHHH did they LOVE. Here they are picking out their skins.

A really nice lady offered to take photos of me and the kids. Awhhh.

The lady asked Nathan if he wanted his stuffed animal soft, mediumish or hard. Of course he said soft. That is what I would have chosen. He loved hitting the pedal to fill it up with lots of soft cotton.

And, little Auttie of course knew EXACTLY what to do with the pedal when it was her turn.

Auttie putting her heart in her bunny

Bath time!

So, I didn't realize when I told the kids they were just getting one stuffed animal and a t-shirt that they would have THESE. Twinkle Toes for the animals! :O

Darnit Build a Bear, why must you have EVERYTHING? Yes, I bought the $9 pair of Twinkle Toes. Do they light up? Nopes!

Autumn loves her Bunny

Nathan dressing his Kermie

And... Nathan... he wanted Kermie to be DARTH VADER KERMIT.

On the computers

Daisy and Darth on a date

With their boxes

Of course when we got home, Autumn wanted to put her Twinkle Toes on. Then, I had to get a picture of her and her bunny's shoes. SO cute.
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