Curly Crafty Mom: Last Day of Spring Break at the Zoo

Friday, March 23, 2012

Last Day of Spring Break at the Zoo

Last night was the first night ALL week that Autumn slept through the night. I guess the ear drops and antibiotics really helped her little ear feel MUCH better. Actually, we ALL slept in until 7:30am. It was pure pleasure for me. It was quite rainy outside while we all ate breakfast, so I was thinking of taking them to the arch. However, it cleared up and plans to go to the Zoo sounded much more fun!

I am a planning nut, so of course I sort of planned out 2-3 things to do at the Zoo before we left the house. Why? Because the Zoo is HUGE, and after a few hours the kids get tired. So, I like to focus on seeing a few different things, and then there is no wandering around or all over the huge Zoo grounds trying to figure out what to do. There is a newish part of the Zoo called River's Edge where Elephants, Anteaters, Hippos, etc. live... its just a huge walking trail that you follow with beautiful waterfalls and creeks. Here we are following the elephant foot prints...

I LOVE this elephants freckles on his face. So beautiful.

Auttie loved the baby elephant, I think her name is Kenzie. So special that she was out for the kids to see. The anteater wasn't out, oh well!

Then the kids got to see the hippos, it is just amazing how buoyant and enormous these creatures are... Nathan is telling Autumn that the hippo is not a rock in this photo that I took.

Ha, ha. Self explanatory.

The kids are really getting so much easier to take out without the big bulky double stroller. Both are really good (well, the exception of Autumn at times) at staying close by me.

Then, against my will. I was taken into the insectarium. No pictures of bugs were taken, unless you count these beautiful butterflies as bugs.

It was SO easy to photograph the butterflies, they did not move when I came up to them with my camera. (Even with Autumn yelling BOO! at them.)

Next, we went on a train ride... and got off to see Big Cat Country, and then back on to finish the ride.

I love this photo of Autumn and me.

Isn't she getting BIG? We were going to hit the Children's Zoo, but a storm came up out of nowhere, so we headed home. I think they were getting a little tired anyway. What a fun day we had!
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