Curly Crafty Mom: Spirit Week - PE Night

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spirit Week - PE Night

Wow. Spirit week ended over a week ago, and I am still not done blogging about it. What is with me lately, my blog is something I have always been good with keeping up with! Geesh! :o)- Anyway, on Thursday of Spirit Week, they had a PE Night, which was really neat. The kids came out and ran four laps around the gym (oh, does Nathan LOVE to run!) and then they did various things that they do in PE class. It was a really neat show! Here is Nathan doing some gymnastics.

Who is this GIRL that snuck out there to do some gymnastics? Oh, that is Autumn! And, don't worry, she did this before it started. :)

Nathan chatting with the Principal. LOL. Sorry, had to take this photo! And, in the upper right corner is my old 7th grade teacher, Mrs. Rudsinski. Yes, she still teaches there!

Autumn LOVED the music, she kept throwing her head around so that her hair twirled. You crazy, silly girl, oh how I love you!
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