Curly Crafty Mom: St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt, Fun Times!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt, Fun Times!

I wanted to do something fun with the kids for St. Patrick's Day, and I LOVE scavenger hunts... so, I think this may be a new tradition in our household. A St. Patrick's scavenger hunt, lead by no other than Leprechaun Nickel himself! I decided to start it off on the kitchen table, since this is where the kids congregate in the morning before breakfast.

The kids are SO excited to start.

The first clue led the kids into the coat closet, where they store their winter hats. But, inside the found special St. Patty's Day headbands. Aren't they cute? I found these in the floral part of the grocery store and couldn't resist.

Next it led them to my room, where I left out my warm winter boots. Inside the kids found light up clover leaf necklaces (Dollar store).

This is a really crazy photo of Autumn's hair, but you can see the necklace lighting up!

Yet another clue...I found these St. Patrick's Day door stick ons at the Dollar Store and they are so cute!

Autumn sticking them on the fogged up door.

One of the clues led them to the bathtub. Got a cute picture of them both trying to get in there at once. Ha!

Here is a 'before' photo of what they found in the tub! Green nail polish and pencils!

Can you tell this little girl LOVES nail polish right now? She calls it paint.

Leprechaun Nickel even led the kids out to my car for a clue... I even found green dice air freshners at the Dollar Store that I hung on my rear view mirror for Nathan... and green play dough for Auttie.

Nathan is really into money and coins right now. So, of course Leprechaun Nickel left him and Auttie some brand new Lucky Penny's on top of his penny collecting book.

Finally Leprechaun Nickel led the kids downstairs with one of the clues. For a gold coin hunt! They each got brown bags and fought over who could collect the most chocolate coins. Double bonus is we used the coin wrappers for a craft later (blog post to come!).

POOR Auttie only collected 3 coins, BroBro beat her, he's too quick. We had to divvy up the coins to make it fair.

And, THE END. They came to the last little note and they each got a green carnation to put in their room. The kids just LOVED this, can't wait to do it again next year.
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