Curly Crafty Mom: St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt

Friday, March 9, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt

Tomorrow I am doing a St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt with the kids... should be lots of fun! But, lots of work for me tonight!!

St. Patty’s Scavenger Clues:

Put the first clue on the kitchen table.

Clue #1

Hello, I am Leprechaun Nickel, thank you for giving me a name, dear Nathan. Today we are going to play the

Leprechaun's favorite game in town. The game is called scavenger hunt, and it involves finding cloverleafs with

lots of clues. You'll find your second clue where you keep your warm winter hats.

Clue #2
Please put on your green 'thinking' headbands, and we will be on our way to finding the next clue. The next clue

is under Mommy's jewelry box, you'll find something hidden in each boot.
(Hang headbands in closet)

Clue #3
The next clue you will find inside something that has a steering wheel, tires and goes HONK, HONK! It may be a

little dark in here, so make sure you use your flash light clover necklaces as headlights to lead your way!
(Light up Necklaces)

Clue #4
Knock, Knock. The next clue will require you to open the front door. Please use what I have left behind to

decorate the door, to let others know that St. Patrick's Day is the best holiday ever!
(Green Car Dice, green playdough)

Clue #5
The next clue you will find inside the place where Mommy washes your beautiful hair and where boats like to float!
(Door stick ons)

Clue #6
Nathan, Leprechaun Nickel hears that you collect pennies. Autumn, I hear you have a pink piggy bank. Well, today

is your lucky day... you'll find the next clue inside your Mommy's old book, where she used to collect

copper...oh, did I almost give it away?
(Pencils, Green Nail Polish)

Clue #7
The next clue you'll find downstairs. Here are two bags, you'll need them to collect all my gold coins that fell

out of my pockets... you see, Leprechaun's are silly little things, we are ALWAYS dropping our gold coins. Can you

help me collect the coins I dropped? And, just maybe... one of these gold coins will have the LAST clue on them.
(Shiny Lucky Penny on card, two brown bags)

Clue #8
This is the FINAL clue that will lead you to something ALIVE... and GREEN! Look in Mommy's laundry room...
(Chocolate Gold coins scattered around room)

Ohhh, goodness! You two are such good team players. What do you think of your green flowers? Green carantions are

Leprechaun Nickel's FAVORITE flower. Will you put these in your rooms, and remember Leprechaun Nickel until next

year? Also, save your chocolate gold coin wrappers, because Mommy wants to help you make a craft where you'll be

able to keep your gold coins in a pot under a rainbow ALL year round! Be good kids, and remember, life is full of

luck! Until next time!!
(Green Carnations)
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