Curly Crafty Mom: 12 Days Before Easter - Part 1 of 3

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

12 Days Before Easter - Part 1 of 3

I love tying in the real meaning of Easter into my kids lives, and what better way then the 12 Days Before Easter activity that I found on Pinterest at Shauna-Lynn's blog. You put 12 plastic eggs in an egg carton, then each egg has a little trinket in it that goes along with a bible verse (I have two really good childrens bibles that I used). You number the eggs 1 to 12 and start with egg 12. My kids LOVED it. I LOVED it. Unfortunately, I took SO many photos, that I have to break it up into 3 blog posts. So, stay tuned for the next 3 days... I can't wait to do this again next year, but I will change it up a bit.

On Day 12, I let Autumn open the egg, because I knew it was a playdough egg. I read the story of the Angel coming to Mary in Luke 1. We talked about the name of Jesus, that it means Immanuel "God with us" and then I told Nathan and Autumn what their names mean.

Then we used playdough to spell out the name of Jesus.

On Day 11, I let Autumn open the egg again.

Inside the egg was two Swedish fish and two chili crackers. I read Matthew 14 (or you can do Luke 9 or John 6) about how Jesus feeds the 5,000 with bread and fish.

On the 10th day before Easter, I read the story in Matthew 8 (or Mark 4 or Luke 8 will work) about how Jesus calms the storm. I colored a piece of mulch black and we put it in a 2 liter bottle with water.

I told the kids to shake the bottle, and that no matter what the boat stays afloat.

Day 9. Jesus heals the blind man in John 9. I used thin stretchy headbands as blindfolds to put inside the egg.

I lead the kids in an activity with the blindfold on. Talk about how hard it would be to live life that way and how you’d feel if you were healed.

How does God reveal Himself in our lives… how should we react?
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