Curly Crafty Mom: 12 Days Before Easter - Part 3 of 3

Sunday, April 15, 2012

12 Days Before Easter - Part 3 of 3

On Day 4 I gave the kids Time Coupons. Read the story in Mark 10 about how Jesus loved the Children. How do we think Jesus showed it? I then asked them how they would like me to show them how much I love and value my time I spend with them. I then had them fill out the time coupons.

On the third day before Easter, I read the story of Jesus healing Lazarus in John 11. Talk about how Jesus was a real person with real emotions like us. Jesus would get sad, but never lost hope. He knew God was going to use Lazarus’ story for His glory. Talk about times when we feel sad, hurt, scared at times and how great it is to have hope like Jesus did in this situation because God is behind us and hears our prayers.


On Day 2, put a crayon and a slip of paper inside the egg. Read the story of the crucifixion in Matthew 27, Luke 23 or John 19 and talk about how they feel about Jesus and what he did that day. Write that feeling in the egg, put it inside it, then bury it outside till the next day (Easter).


Day One, Easter! The egg is empty … “He is RISEN!” Go find the egg (which has now been unearthed, broken open and is empty.) Read the story in Matthew 28, Mark 16 or John 20. Talk about how God gave us the most special gift ever when he gave us Jesus: Himself in a body to love us and show us how to live and to ultimately give his own life so that we could have an eternal relationship with him.... not because we deserved it at all... but because He loves us that much.
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