Curly Crafty Mom: Art Museum - Kids Art Sundays

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Art Museum - Kids Art Sundays

My work gave out free passes for a photography exhibit entitled An Orchestrated Vision which of course I lost the coupon for and had to pay full price but at least the kids were free. I went with a couple of my coworkers, and we planned to take some photos of Jill afterwards in beautiful Forest Park since she is expecting later this summer.

I did not realize this, but the art museum has Free Kids Art Sundays from 1-4pm and so after the exhibit Robbie suggested we take the kids over to check it out. I might have to take them back, it was really neat. They had a table set up with different birds (they were stuffed- so a little gross but the kids LOVED it)... they learned about different birds common in Missouri, that Humming Birds only weigh as much as a penny, etc. and were even sent away with a Hummingbird poster. Then, next up, they made wooden birds houses. They have a kids tour at 2:30pm every Sunday, too, but we missed it.

Autumn coloring her birdhouse


They had lots of markers and foam stickers


And, ta-da! Finished bird houses. I really can't wait to take them back, it'd be fun to do a picnic infront of the Grand Basin outside Forest Park, or take them through a different part of the Art Museum each time we visit to do Free Sundays. We'll see if we make it back anytime soon!
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