Curly Crafty Mom: Breaking Open the Piggy Banks

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Breaking Open the Piggy Banks

I have noticed the kids piggy banks have been full, and I wanted to take them to the bank so they could see just how much all the change in their piggy banks was worth. We went to my parents bank, because they only charge 2% to use their coin counting machine, and... we only broke it 5 times, and they didn't even get mad. We had A LOT of change!

Nathan and Autumns Piggy banks
We let the machine count Nathan's money first. A total of $97.40! Nathan had a LOT of nickels and pennies, his favorite coin right now is a nickel because he says he is 5!

Nathan and Autumns Piggy banks
I was a little surprised when Autumn dumped her coins in, and she had a total of $138.18!! Nathan was NOT happy Sissy had more money! But, she had twice as many quarters and dimes as Nathan. She even had some $1.00 coins!

I let the kids each buy a $5 floating board for the pool (can't remember what they are called) and Nathan got a Star Wars figure and Autumn a small play dough set. The rest of the money will go in their savings accounts.
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