Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's 2012 Spring School Photo

Friday, April 20, 2012

Nathan's 2012 Spring School Photo

Nathan's school does photos every Fall and Spring, but I only buy the Fall photos because I want the photos to be from the same time each year for whenever I get time to do a grade school photo collage. NORMALLY, we buy the photos before we even see them, but this time they let us see before buying. I really hope this is the case in the Fall, because we have had incidents where there has been crusties in his nose, and you name it.

I really like this photo, even though he needs a haircut which I would have done if I was going to buy them.

Here is his photo from the Fall. My MOM loves his grin/smile in this photo, but I wasn't super crazy about it at first. But, I've grown to love it since I look at it on my fridge everyday. heheh.

Is it crazy for me to think he looks older in the top photo? I cannot BELIEVE next month this time Nathan will be 6!!!!!!!
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