Curly Crafty Mom: Pictures of Nathan and Autumn at Forest Park at the Grand Basin

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pictures of Nathan and Autumn at Forest Park at the Grand Basin

Forest Park is a huge park in St. Louis that houses a lot of trails, Turtle Park, the Zoo, History Museum, Jewel Box, Art Museum, etc. Its HUGE, and so old and beautiful. This is a photo I took of the art museum through a tree, using some of my techniques I learned in my Superhero Photo class.

It is quite a walk from the parking lot of the Art Museum down to the Grand Basin, and its a beautiful green lawn, which they call Art Hill. It has the perfect gradual slope which makes it the most popular hill to sled down in St. Louis in the winter. Here is little Autumn running down it towards the bridge.

Autumn never stops. She loves to

Nathan viewing the Grand Basin for the first time, I think he was amazed at the beauty of it. Well, and there were ducks. Ha!


Trying to get a decent shot of the kids together on the bridge. These two shots aren't too shabby.

Autumn so cute and adorable on the bridge.

Nathan with the art museum in the background

View of the water

Autumn showing some personality.

Nathan, my HANDSOME boy as he tells me that boys are not supposed to be called cute.


Autumn being her usual adorable self (then 10 seconds later she is crying over something. Am I the only one with the moody 3 year old?!
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