Curly Crafty Mom: Spring Grass

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Grass

While at Lowes for one of the Build and Grows, I saw these... little grass growing kits. Of course, I told the Easter bunny to snatch some of these for the kids Easter baskets. Aren't they super cute?

So, we filled the little pots up with dirt. Didn't take much.

And, planted the seeds. The kids were excited to see what 'grass seed' looks like. :)

Ok, and, this is the best part. I probably wouldn't have done a blog post on this, but LOOK at what Autumn is wearing while watering her little grass pot. Her Easter gloves! Can we say 'AWWWWWWWWWW, she is SO precious!'

Oh, it is so fun to have a little girl. Of course, she hasn't worn them since... but, I guess she sees Mommy wear gardening gloves so she thought that was what they were for... cute!

Here they are with their pots, yes, sort of a bad photo, but... they wouldn't cooperate for a photo, darn them!

And, it took only a few days for the grass to start to grow. Yay! We have actually given them a haircut one time, as we planted them last week. I am a little behind on my blog posts.
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