Curly Crafty Mom: St. Louis Go! Half Marathon... yeah, yeah, chabang!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

St. Louis Go! Half Marathon... yeah, yeah, chabang!

And, I finished!!!

Distance: Half Marathon - 13.1 Miles
Chip Time: 2:29:09
Overall Place: 5868 / 8736
Gender Place: 2976 / 5182
Division Place: 512 / 865
6Mi: 1:04:55
11Mi: 2:03:46

One of my goals for myself this year was to run a half marathon, and so I tortured myself through 12 weeks of Nike+ training... The training had mostly 3 days of running per week (one week had 4 days), so it was really easy to work into my schedule, even though I have the kids 74% of the time. I must say, the last couple of months was pretty tough though, with mostly two 6 mile runs and then a longer 7+ mile run on the weekend. Whew! So glad that is behind me until late August when I start training again for my Disney half marathon. Here is a picture of me before the race, IN THE DARK. The race was at 7am, and we had to be there by 6am. I was SOOOOOO nervous!

Here I am in my corral, we were packed in like SARDINES waiting and waiting for the race to start. I was starting to feel the excitement of the race from everyone else, and said a little prayer to God and it seemed like my nerves started to settle a bit.

Brian spotted me at mile 6, I had no idea he was taking photos of me and calling out my name. Really, at mile 6, I was just thinking... wow, this race sure seems long! LOL! But, I kept running and running. I look like SUCH a dork while I am running, but I couldn't help but share my photo for your enjoyment.

Just another photo of me running, wanted to include because they had the flag up.

Here I am with my arms up, finishing. I have to say, the last two miles were the hardest. I was so glad to finish at my goal time, under 2:30, which I finished at 2:29:09! Just seconds away from my goal! Yay, MEEE!!

Another picture of me finishing.

So, they actually took professional pictures after the race... ha, ha! I actually really like mine, I may buy a copy and hang it next to my trophy wall plaque. I am wearing a 13.1 bling headband, I am so trendy (ha!).

Here is a close up of my medal

And my first bib with my name on it... :)

This race was REALLY fun, it really took you through downtown St. Louis... we ran past Soulard Market, Soulard (they had all the neighbors out in their PJ's for a special cheer party), Anheuser Busch (saw a Clydesdale out!), in front of Busch Stadium and by Saint Louis University. They had plenty of water and Gatorade stations... everything was really well planned out. I love the Go! races, as I have done their last two 10K Halloween races.

Now what? Well, I am doing the 5K Make Tracks at the Zoo next month, this is sentimental race to me because its the first race I ever ran two years ago. I also signed up for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November... and, I am considering the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in St. Louis in the Fall. Also, a Halloween 10K, too, I may do the Chesterfield one this year instead of the Go! one, just not sure yet.

I am really proud of my accomplishment, I hope to work on speed a little bit now and I am really hoping to finish the Zoo 5K in 30 minutes. Also, hoping to finish my next Half Marathon in 2 hours and 10 to 15 minutes. We'll see!
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