Curly Crafty Mom: Art Museum in May - Mummies and Scarab Beetles

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Art Museum in May - Mummies and Scarab Beetles

The last two months, we have taken advantage of the free Kids Art program at the STL Art Museum. This month, the theme was MUMMIES, and I got the kids there in time for the tour of the mummies gallery. The kids got to learn a lot of interesting tidbits, such as what a mummy is, what they do with the organs (ew!), the sex of the mummy, etc. After the tour, the kids got to work on a free craft and create their own scarab beetle using Crayola model magic.

Here is how Nathan's turned out. They gave the kids a lot of different colors of the model magic. The model magic has sort of the same texture as playdough but a little more airy and it dries more solid.

Autumn LOVES playdough, so this craft was right up her alley. In fact, she got some more model magic this past weekend.

Autumn's final masterpiece!

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