Curly Crafty Mom: Eckerts Strawberry Picking

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Eckerts Strawberry Picking

 I cannot believe strawberry picking time is here already, usually we go in the middle of May. I did a Baby Mania sale yesterday, and the sun really burned my shoulders and arms. Ouch! So, we decided to head to Eckerts when they first opened at 9am. The sun was really intense even at 9am (or maybe it just felt that way since I was already burnt!). Anyway, we had a lot of fun, it is sort of our May tradition as a fam! Here is Nathan using his box to keep the sun off his face! Ha!

Autumn following after her bro-bro.

Once we got out there, the kids were so excited and both ran in separate directions to pick their strawberries. Of course, I got them back and we went out together as a group. Nathan and Autumn really enjoyed having their own buckets to put their own strawberries in.

The sun was SO bright, but I think I got some really adorable pictures of the kids regardless. Nathan was so funny, he wouldn't eat too many of the strawberries because they were TOO hot he said. He told me he only likes cold strawberries. Ha! He is Mr. Particular!  Autumn and I ate a good share. (We also went to IHOP afterwards. YUM!)

Standing with their crates. Can't believe I got them both to cooperate. I may have been doing some silly stuff to get them to smile behind the camera! ;)

Nathan wouldn't really cooperate for individual photos of him, because he was too busy finding the perfect strawberry. So I got a couple of cute ones of Auttie.

This one is a riot. She's running with a huge strawberry in her mouth. Uh, glad she didn't choke. ;)

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