Curly Crafty Mom: Math is my favorite subject, Mom!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Math is my favorite subject, Mom!

Nathan had his first achievement test at school a couple of months ago, and last night in his folder were the results. Nathan loves Math, he loves counting, loves his money flash cards, etc. I never really thought about how good he was in Math, until I looked on the achievement test score sheet and he is completely above average in Math! Of course, when I showed it to him he was excited as well! Nathan even came home with a picture he drew of him at his desk at school and he wrote on it that Math was his favorite subject. He talks about Math class at school all the time, what they do, such as measuring lines with rulers, adding up money, etc.

I am really excited about how he scored overall, too, listening is mostly above average and reading is right in the middle. Yay for Nathan! Maybe this means I can count on scholarships to pay for most of his college? You think? Ha! ;)
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