Curly Crafty Mom: The Night Before 6.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Night Before 6.

I was flipping through photos tonight of Nathan, from May of 2006. I came across this photo of Nathan sleeping, so tiny, so precious... swaddled and asleep in my Boppy pillow. The Boppy pillow that I used everyday for over a year for both him and his sister. Its hard, six years later, to think Nathan used to be this tiny little baby. But, he was. Now, he is reading, counting, can remember things we did from last Spring and Summer... he dresses himself, plays T-ball, collects coins... has a sister named Autumn. Where does time go? It is going way too fast, I don't even want to think that next year he will be SEVEN! And, in the Fall he will be starting 1st Grade. Nathan is such a sweet boy, I love him so much... he has given me so many special memories and moments, he has looked up to me in a way that noone else ever has... I am so proud of the little young man he has become.

I always take a photo the night before my kids turn a new age. Here is Nathan with his Spongebob 'cave'. He has to sleep with his cave on his head every night.

But, a sleep picture doesn't do justice if you can't see their face. So, here is Nathan...  one last time, as a five year old.

Of course, his birthday is on a school day, but I wanted to make the day special for him. So, I did a little decorating to his door to surprise him when he wakes up tomorrow morning.

And, he will get a couple of gifts in the morning before school. These came late via Amazon, so I didn't wrap them. He will get all his BIG gifts on Sunday when we have his birthday party.

And, tomorrow, I will send him to school with his favorite treat. Krispy Kremes. Seriously, its his fave. They also gave me a bunch of Krispy Kreme hats. Nathan also gets to go on a field trip tomorrow to the Botanical Gardens on his birthday, talk about luck!

Happy Birthday, Nathan. I love you. Hope your day is the best!
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