Curly Crafty Mom: Day 5 of Staycation PART TWO - Chuckie Cheese

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 5 of Staycation PART TWO - Chuckie Cheese

Once a year, and I mean ONE time I can tolerate it... we go to Chuckie Cheese on a week day and enjoy pizza and all the games while the place is near empty. SO much better then going there on a crazy weekend! Here is Nathan splitting up the tokens into a cup for him and his sissy.

Nathan LOVES to count coins.

Autumn's face when I told her it was time to go back to the table to EAT. In other words, play time is up for now. 

I can remember the first time we took Nathan to Chuckie Cheese and he rode on this Merry Go Round. Wow. He really has grown up.


This horsie was broke when we first got there, but it was fixed before we left. Autumn LOVES this horsie.
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