Curly Crafty Mom: Mini Golf Water Play Adventure!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Mini Golf Water Play Adventure!

There is a bowling alley nearby that also has a mini golf area, I have driven by it for years... always thinking it looked kinda odd. Well, I signed the kids up for free bowling again this summer, and we went one Thursday evening to bowl. Apparently, Thursdays are league nights, so all the lanes were closed. I thought, oh, lets check out the mini golf... I didn't think it'd be anything fantastic... you can't really see the inside of it from the street. But, WOW, it was REALLY nice! Here are a pictures of the kids, a rare moment when they weren't bouncing off everything in their mini golf excitement.

Nathan did REALLY good, he even got a hole in one!

Autumn lost interest after a few holes. And, just explored... within my eyesight.

There was a lot of neat holes. 18 of them!

There were even rabid beavers.

After losing interest, Autumn explored... and explored. She did find something of interest.

Brother's ball got stuck in the water under a waterfall on one hole. Yeah, so, of course, Autumn had to help him get his ball out. And, then some. I had two little wet kiddos after this hole. Since when does mini golf include water play?

Luckily we were saved by the canoe. I think.

Nathan kept saying, how did they get the water (look behind me) so foamy? And, why didn't I leave my HUGE purse in the car?!! Maybe because I didn't think it'd be 18 HOLES.

A snake.

A teepee. That's all folks.
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