Curly Crafty Mom: Roller coasters

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Roller coasters

Ever since Nathan got a true roller coaster experience at Six Flags... he hasn't been the same. Even though I really think the Mine Train scared Nathan like no other, he keeps bragging about it and asking a million questions about ALL of the other roller coasters there is at Six Flags. Ahhh, 6 year olds.

Lately, he's been drawing pictures of the roller coasters. They are too cute not to share. Nathan really doesn't like to draw, period (he does love to write words, tho), so it amazed me he asked for a paper and pen to draw these roller coasters. 

Mine Train. This was Nathan's first roller coaster. I am glad he drew smilie faces on the people riding it, maybe he did enjoy this ride! ha, ha!

The Log Flume... yes, yes, according to Nathan this IS a roller coaster... A water roller coaster! Notice how he drew me and Autumn in one boat, and him and Brian in the other boat. You can tell Brian is in the one boat because he drew him REALLY tall. Brian is 6'3. Ha!

The Boss - this is the roller coaster at Six Flags that I told Nathan was the scariest. So, of course, he asks A LOT of extra questions about this one.

Batman. This is a ride where the wheels are on the top of your head, and you go upside down.

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