Curly Crafty Mom: Staycation 2. Wabash Train and SLAM Kids Sunday-Dragons

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Staycation 2. Wabash Train and SLAM Kids Sunday-Dragons

On Sundays only, there is the Wabash train ride in Wildwood, which I have been wanting to take the kids to forever. We just never got to it, until this week... Sundays are pretty busy, and we are usually at church. But, since I was off this week, and the weather was going to be beautiful, I said... Why not. While there, I also saw a few running trails I may want to check out later... one of them goes to Sherman beach and Castlewood Park.

While I got the tickets, Nathan was able to check out the turntable and some of the different diesels and steam engines.

Autumn is a little monkey when it comes to waiting in line... that girl. does not. stay still. Its an age thing, I so remember this with Nathan.

I didn't buy the hats, we had the conductor hats leftover from one of Nathan's old birthday parties.

The train that left right before us was a steam engine, we got to ride on a diesel train. I sort of was hoping for the steam engine, BUT I didn't want to wait in line all over again for it.

The ride was really scenic, and we got a beautiful view of the Meramec River and the beauty of nature at its fullest. Once we got half way, they stopped the train and took the engine off, rode it around and connected it to what WAS the back of our train. Then we headed on back. It was kind of funny to see our engine wheel past us!

Then we headed over to the Art Museum for the kids free art Sundays... the theme this month is Chinese New Year and Dragons. Nathan LOVES dragons, so I thought, why not. Here they are with their craft.

We did the art tour, too, and it was too funny because Nathan's 1st grade teacher was there! It was really interesting, we learned that Chinese, Korean and Japanese dragons all have different numbers of toes. Then we had to go into some of the art galleries and count toes.
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