Curly Crafty Mom: Staycation Day 4. Six Flags, and Nathan's First Roller coaster Ride.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Staycation Day 4. Six Flags, and Nathan's First Roller coaster Ride.

On Tuesday, the weather was picture perfect, so we headed to Six Flags. It was such a fun time, probably the funnest day of our entire week. We were there almost 9 hours, from open to close! The kids STILL did not want to go home when we did go home. The first ride we went on in the park was the Old Time Cars... 

The entire way to Six Flags (and its a good 30 minutes or more), Nathan asked question upon question about roller coasters. How many miles per hour do they go, which ones did Six Flags have, what color were they, how big were the hills, what height did you have to be to go on them, which ones went upside down... ETC., ETC. Then, we finally got there and we started off slow and he went on the Log Flume. I told him it was a roller coaster with water instead of wheels. Nathan and Autumn LOVED the log flume, we went on it three times. We also went on Thunder River, just another water ride two times. Finally, it came time for us to pass by The Mine Train... a roller coaster that Nathan was tall enough to go on, but it wasn't in the Looney Tunes area (kids area), it was a REAL roller coaster. (Although, I would say its sort of in between kiddy roller coaster and a real roller coaster, its a good starter coaster.) It took a lot of back and forth in Nathan's little mind on if he wanted to go on it. There were no lines that day, so the first time he got back out of line, he just couldn't do it. Then, finally, he did it! And, his exact words after riding it? "I don't ever have to ride that again, do I?" LOL!!!!! Of course, then, the hours after and days after Nathan went on and on about how excited and how big of a boy he was for riding on the roller coaster. And, how he couldn't wait to tell h is friends at Vacation Bible School next week about how HE went on a roller coaster, the Mine Train. TOO funny. He even thinks he wants to go on it again next summer when he's 7. So cute.

And, here I am with the kids in a fake car from the Screaming Eagle, MY favorite roller coaster. Nathan thought he was so big getting his picture taken in this, even though it was just one car in front of a restaurant.
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