Curly Crafty Mom: Staycation Day 5. Sandy Creek Covered Bridge. Our second visit.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Staycation Day 5. Sandy Creek Covered Bridge. Our second visit.

Last summer, I took the kids to the Sandy Creek covered bridge for the first time ever. Since then, Nathan has been asking to go back... mainly, because he loved the creek that runs under the bridge. Since, I wanted to have sort of a laid back day after Six Flags... I thought it'd be a good time to go visit the old bridge once more.

I love how the kids are sitting in a sunny spot, and the shadows of the trees are surrounding them.

It would be fun to come to this bridge during the enchanted hour (hour before sunset when everything glows). The sun was really harsh when we went, which made photos a little challenging. I love Autumn's stance here. This is the ONLY decent shot I got of those two! Nathan was the difficult one for once! That boy ONLY cared about going under the bridge to see that creek filled with tiny fish!

There isn't any graffiti on the outside of the bridge, but there is inside it... I sort of like the graffiti. Its beautiful.

Finally, we headed down below the bridge. This is how Nathan looked most of the time. Yes, looking for tiny fish!

And, they were abundant.

Autumn looked for fish, too.

Unfortunately, Autumn scared all the fish away.

This was bad, because Nathan was trying to fish!

This boy LOVES fish. And, skipping rocks. Mud. What else? Nathan didn't catch any fish, they were too small. He had long face syndrome. But, stay tuned, he catches a fish later that week!

And, hopefully Autumn doesn't catch any bacteria from chewing on her wet dress, that got soaked in the icky creek water! ;o) SILLY girl!

I just loved how her hair curled at the bottom of her braid that day.

We headed back up to the top of the bridge again. Autumn took this photo of me, she did good! I love it.

And, ever since my photo class, I love to set the camera down so it can take photos for us.

This little girl was trying to dance herself dry.

I LOVE the sun glare in this photo... she's right in the middle of one!

Love this, too, spreading her arms out in such a big open space.
Wow, they have changed SO much since we last went.
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