Curly Crafty Mom: Staycation Day 6! AMERICAN GIRL STORE!! Whooweee!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Staycation Day 6! AMERICAN GIRL STORE!! Whooweee!

What did we decide to do on Thursday? An American Girl store JUST came to St. Louis, and I wanted to wait a couple of months for the crowds to die down before I took Autumn there. I THOUGHT about taking her there for her 4th birthday, but... her birthday is in late November, and there is NO way I am going to a store in the mall at that time of the year with the Christmas rush. No way. Thursday was the perfect week day to go! Look at the happy girl with her Bitty Twins!

SOMEHOW I talked her out of this American Girl bathtub.

Then we headed over to the Bitty Babyland. Autumn went a little crazy over seeing all those Bitty Babies looking at her! Then, she pulled a box down and it was the same exact Bitty Baby she has at home! She cried for it. I said, we have her already! Then she proceeded to carry the box which was almost as tall as her all over the store. I did get it away from her, there were lots of other doll things to distract her! 

Bitty Twins. Do they sort of look like they've formed a cult, or is it just me?

I was going to treat one of Autumn's Bitty Twins to the hair salon, but we got into the cafe early. Its $10-15 per doll, and you pick a design out of a book. I think they do wash the dolls hair, too! Crazy!

This doll was getting a facial. Awwh. These dolls have a better life then me!

Finally, we got into the cafe. We waited a little over an hour, which was ok, there is SO much to see in the store. Have you ever seen a cafe more pink then this?

Autumn's babies in their high chairs.

Autumn and her babies

Autumn just did not know what to think of this!!! So excited!

Helping her baby drink. Look at her pouty lips!

Another cute picture.

The pink lemonade was delish here, with free refills! And, the food was really reasonable priced. I could have easily split the kids two pizzas we ordered.

My turkey sandwich and curly fries were delish! I really want to come back here and do the tea time they have from 2-4pm. You get a 3 tier plate stand with mini sandwiches, desserts, cheeses and crackers. 

There were a lot of birthdays celebrated here. If you look, the waitress is holding a mini flower pot. There is chocolate pudding in the pot. Yum!

Our dessert. YUM! So easy to share, too!

Two cookies, two cupcakes and a brownie!

 Autumn only eats the icing!

When it was time to leave, Grandma SPOILED the kids rotten. I won't even mention how much she spent. She shouldn't have. But, the kids loved her for it! Nathan and his pets.

Nathan's goat.

Autumn got some pets and an American Girl doll house sized doll.

So cute!
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