Curly Crafty Mom: Vin de Set Dinner

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vin de Set Dinner

Brian and I have a restaurant that we call ours, do you have one? Ours is Vin de Set, which is a lovely French restaurant in Lafayette Square, where you can sit out on their rooftop and enjoy a lovely romantic dinner. Unfortunately, I am sure after we visit Paris in August, I'll be spoiled with the true French restaurants, and this one will pale in comparison. ;o)- 

Brian surprised me with 24 roses before dinner. He's a sweetie.

I didn't take photos of our meals, but I assure you, they were good. However, when the dessert menu came... I was excited to find a Nutella Crepe listed.

And, it was divine!

We had the waitress snap a photo of us after dessert, not the best 'cell phone' photo, but its not too bad minus the bad contrast and fuzziness. What a lovely night!
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