Curly Crafty Mom: Back to School Buys

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Back to School Buys

My friend Janna from Colorado gave me a $75 and a $125 Gymbuck to use during their sale a couple of weeks ago. I needed uniform school clothes for Nathan, some jeans/khakis, and a couple of nicer outfits because for Autumn's first day of school and for both kids photo days (since they always come up so quick, in September!). Here is my haul, I did really good! (Nathan's sheets aren't on his bed because they are in the wash, so sorry its a little messy.)

I got Nathan some short sleeved polos in different solid colors (they can't have any logos on them) and one long sleeved polo. Gymboree has great polos, they are long and nice and thick. Also have the little notch on the sides if you wear it untucked.

Gymboree had a buy 1 get 1 50% off on jeans, so I got both kids a new pair of jeans. Nathan goes through pants SO fast because he gets holes in the knees. I also got Autumn a jean skirt, and both kids a pair of Khaki pants (got these at Old Navy).

I also got Nathan this cool Star Wars lego shirt while I was at Old Navy.

For Auttie's first day of school I got her this ADORABLE brown and yellow sunflower dress. I love it! Look at the tights, there is even a big sunflower on the bum! Hee!

I also got her these brown boots to go with the dress (may be too warm now, but will be perfect later in the fall). She has some black boots but these brown ones with go with a lot of her other outfits. They're so cute!!

I always like to have a hoodie jacket for the kids, and Autumn is SOOOOO messy, that this brown one will be perfect for my messy girl.

Nathan's photo day outfit... Love the dog on the polo. Unfortunately, he won't be able to wear this polo to school on regular days. It goes really well with the yellow in Autumn's sunflower dress. Not that I match my kids that often, but it'll make for cute pictures.

Another outfit for Nathan, the polo he can wear to church, and the outfit on the weekend. I can't get enough of these plaid shorts! This outfit was super clearanced.

A couple of summer outfits for Autumn for next year. Super clearanced. Wow, I love my English. Hope plaid is still popular next summer!

Bratchey even says the clothes are super comfortable to lay on. Since the kids are at J's this week, she gets to have some upstairs time! (Remember, she has to stay downstairs now due to the kids being allergic to her.)
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