Curly Crafty Mom: Lost

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The other night I was making a homemade pineapple pizza for the kids, and Brian was over and I asked him if he could water my hanging baskets since I knew they were getting a little thirsty. I figured by the time he got back inside, we would all sit down to eat... but, what happened? Brian came back inside with a wet dog (because the sprinkler system in our yard was on) under his arm. Of course, sitting down the eat went down the drain quickly because my kids (especially Miss Auttie) LOVE dogs. 

Of course, I asked him why he brought the dog inside, and he said he saw it running on the street... he knew it was my next door neighbors dog but they weren't home. Somehow the dog had gotten out, and now we had it till they got back. This just made the kids night. I told Brian, why don't you put it in our backyard and we can eat and it can play out there... Brian told me, oh, its so small, it will get under your fence and get out again. I said, surely it won't be smart enough to get out.

Sure enough, 1 minute late we heard little paw scratches on our front door. So, Mr. Doggy got to run around my house while we ate. He stayed till the kids bed time and finally at 9pm his owner came to get him (Brian left a note on their door). She said she had thought he was hiding at first! She said he loves to hide... but, somehow he must have gotten out!

I must say, I think his name is Bowser? Anyway, what a sweet and lovable little dog. He did not mind the kids at all. He is even a spoiled little dog, he had a Coach collar! I go back and forth on if I should get Autumn a puppy for her upcoming birthday, but I think I am still going to wait. Dogs are a lot of work (especially puppies!).
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